INDIV has worked with organisations like FedGroup, Housing Investment Partners (Old Mutual), Blueberry Group and Arkein International. So why do they like us…? The simple reason: because we care.

We come in & take over

INDIV is a full-service digital marketing agency, so we can provide anything from website design & development to branding and online marketing campaigns. We run the social media and search engine marketing, maintain the website and analyse website visits to find ways to improve the current strategies. We work closely together with Marketing Managers to save them valuable time and provide them with reports they use to impress the board.

A global organisation with a focus on quality & expertise

We work with the best Brand Strategists, Campaign Specialists, Designers and Web Developers. Not just from South Africa but from all over the world. We’re proud to say we’re a global organisation with clients and team members on almost all continents. Meanwhile our Consultants spend a lot of time in boardrooms and meetings in Sandton, Pretoria and surrounding areas.

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Are you interested in what INDIV has to offer? We offer website design & development, branding, online marketing and strategic consulting services. We partner with Marketing Managers and entrepreneurs to take their online marketing strategy to the next level. Contact us now…